Benefits of Engagement

 ACCESS Access

CARTS gives your organization shepherded access to world-class institutions focused on the global implications of automated mobility.


CARTS-affiliated researchers are world leaders in research affecting the breadth of sectors affected by the automation revolution.

IDEATION2 Strategic Thinking

The move to automated mobility will effect virtually every business sector.  Engage CARTS researchers, economists, and mobility business leaders to identify strategic opportunities and core threats to your organization.

IDEATION2 Ideation

The implications of mobility automation can be profound and will have lasting impacts on your organization.   CARTS collaborations provide the opportunity to obtain deep, clear insights and engage in the creative ideation your organization needs to navigate the future successfully.


CARTS attracts promising startups, cutting-edge researchers, and early stage technologies targeting mobility automation.  Get engaged and gain perspective and insights on the mobility pipeline, before your competition.

TALE T Talent

CARTS consortium partners are educating the next generation of mobility engineers and strategic thinkers.  Engage and get direct access to this most-important talent pool through organized events and coordinated, direct interactions.

Get Engaged

Please contact Drew Peloso, Trustee and Executive Director Pro Tempore, for more information about how your company or organization can gain access to the Northeast Connected & Automated Road Transportation Safety Consortium, NECARTS.