Center for Automated Road Transportation Safety

The New Jersey Center for Automated Road Transportation Safety (NJCARTS) is a world class facility-in-the-making, being designed and created by global transportation leaders to substantially improve safety on our existing conventional roadway infrastructure, through the use of inexpensive automated collision avoidance systems installed on individual vehicles (trucks, buses and cars) operating harmoniously with conventional vehicles throughout most, if not all, of our existing roadways.

The Center will be the synergistic co-location of activities focused on the Research, Development, Certification and Commercialization of inexpensive automated driving and collision avoidance technologies for vehicles operating on conventional public roads. In order to better address the needs of different modes, NJCARTS consists of Modal Centers each focused on a mode: Center for Automated Truck Safety (NJCATS), Center for Automated Bus Safety (NJCABS), and Center for Automated Car Safety (NJCARS). The co-location of these Centers enables and encourages the shared use of workspace and engineering & testing facilities. Enabled is the cross fertilization of ideas and technologies in absence of collusion within a framework that ensures the protection of proprietary and intellectual property.

NJCARTS provides the overlay of facilities enabling each Modal Center to most effectively and efficiently advance the technologies in its particular mode. The organization is much like that of a University where the Modal Centers are the individual departments that utilize the facilities and cross-cutting resources made available by the overarching Consortium. Achieved is the strategic objective of accelerating the realization of improved safety on our conventional roads through the use of automated collision avoidance technologies.